BlackBerry PlayBook Android Apps Demo Video

As you probably know it is Research In Motion’s intention to allow Android application to play nice on their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and apparently RIM has now demonstrated said Android app on their tablet at BlackBerry World 2011.

And of course we have a video of that demonstration for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Slash Gear via Android Community and by way of Ewan Macleod at Socialcam. The video demo unfortunately only lasts 30 seconds so doesn’t really show a great deal.

Apparently Android apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook will each run their own virtual machine that are delivered to the user as regular shortcuts with the emulator auto-loading.

Word is developers will submit apps to Research In Motion independently of the Android Market whereby RIM will approve submitted apps themselves and the Android apps will be made available via BlackBerry App World.

So with that said, all you need do is head on down, hit that play button and check out this very short demo video of Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook…enjoy.

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