HTC Desire HD Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update: ROM Download

If you own the HTC Desire HD and were wondering where the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is, you will be happy to know there is a stable release ready for download.

You must all remember that this Gingerbread ROM leak is exactly that and even though suggest by Tech2 it is stable you should download at your own risk (We here at are not responsible if you brick your phone, you do this at your own RISK).

We mentioned a while back that the HTC Desire HD would be getting the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread update and as of yet no official release has been released, but there have been a few leaks. The first ROM leak was a test build and was pretty bad because it was unstable but this new one is said to be good a stable (DO NOT mark our words on that).

This new leak may possibly be the official update, which should be released soon. If you cannot wait for the official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update then visit 911Sniper Blog where you can download this ROM aka build 187331.

Apparently this update contains an updated version of the HTC Desire HD radio, please REMEMBER this download may brick your phone, it may not but always best wait for the official release. Up to you if you want to download so do not come crying to us if it does not work. If you do decide to download this update please do let us know how it goes. Thanks

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  • jtkirk

    updated my vodaphone contract phone no probs much faster and better then 2.2 :-)

  • mhhhm

    Update for DHD 2.3 is out officially so no need for this :)

  • Johanne m.a. lim

    hmmm, any other brave takers?

  • Matt

    still not seen the update for myself yet in the UK :(

  • Jimlad

    downloading from Vodafone right now.

  • mealosh

    Had it updated yesterday. I believe the battery works longer,the interface is smoother,and there was no backup needed…all the apps,infos&other stuff r there,working just fine…4 now.

  • pap

    its perfect the update is avaliable in greece too

  • Alex

    I updated my phone and i runs faster but homescreen didnt change. Batery icon is still the same and so for most things, i read that the notificaiton bar was going to change colours but it didnt. anyone can help?

  • Stephen

    I updated mine last week. i am on the 3 network in the uk and the update is awesome! My battery last a full day now rather then 5 or 6 hours and it never seem to run slow! Before the update if it was on for longer the 2 days it would staying jumping constantly when texting or watching a video but now it doesnt!

    I now love my desire hd again!


      my girlfriend's desire HD lasts 2/3 days on froyo. Learn how to use your phone.

      • Anan Ganesh

        hi there, my desire hd cant even last for 24 hours can i know how does your gfs phone can last to 2/3 days

        • Dan Aldea

          No internet, no phone calls 😛
          If you use it as an expensive door-stop, it will last longer…

          I’ve seen a friend’s Wildfire which, after 24 hours on battery, was 80% full but his secret is that he doesn’t use it at all :))

          PS: I have a DHD which lasts 24 hours at best, but it’s always connected to 3G and I use it quite frequently

        • Rahuldavid

           not intrest in ur grl frnd mob..f**k off and ur grlfrnd

          • Rahul30

             srry wrong post anan

      • Anan Ganesh

        hi there, my desire hd cant even last for 24 hours can i know how does your gfs phone can last to 2/3 days

  • Anonymous

    Downloaded 2.3 onto my HTC Desire HD on 3. A few tweeks which are good and it has improved the battery life. However, 2.3 does not seem to be as stable or reliable as 2.2. An app crashes at least once a day as opposed to 2.2 where I had an app crash about 5 times in 7 months. Also, Picasa no longer works on the new version of Android. It just crashes everytime I try to use it.

  • Mark Thom

    how 2 get d f@cking!!!!!!!!! download update

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