iPhone 4 White Nano Fake: China Is The Place

With us just getting use to the recent release by Apple of the iPhone 4 in white (which was a long time coming), a fake iPhone 4 White Nano has hit the streets of China.

We previously did an article on the iPhone 4 Nano (in Black) — see article here. This latest mini cloned white version of the iPhone 4 comes to us by way of Giz-China via Ubergizmo, and has a front facing camera that works on a Java-based clone of the iOS operating system.

The device also sports a TV tuner (which seems to be a feature of most Shanzai phones). It is very similar to that of the black iPhone 4 Nano, with same 1.3 megapixel rear camera and resistive touchscreen.

This mini iPhone 4 White Nano is currently priced at $58, which is the same price, as that detail in our previous article on the black version. It is possible that this could turn out to be a very popular handset with lovers of iPhone.

So will Apple ever release a mini version of their iPhone? The Chinese have shown us that it is possible. Would you like to see Apple release a smaller version of the iPhone 4?


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