Motorola Xoom Problems & Tips: Black Screen Issues

If you have a Motorola Xoom and have been experiencing problems with the tablet either not turning on or being stuck on a black screen, stop ripping out your hair, as we may have a solution.

A number of owners of the Motorola Xoom have had problems with the their device just not wanting to turn on or have been left staring at a black screen, which at times leaves the power button almost useless.

It is not known why some of Motorola’s Xooms have these problems, but don’t despair as there is a simple fix that can be applied, which only involves pressing a couple of buttons on the tablet PC.

According to an article by the guys at Droid-Life, here is what to do: Hold Volume Up button and Power button until the Xoom turns on and that is it. This simple fix can be used to get you out of all sorts of jams that you may experience on your Xoom. Please note that if ever your device is switched on or off and you cannot make anything happen, this simple fix should get you back up and running.

Please let us know if you have experienced any problems with the Motorola Xoom. Moreover, whether this simple fix has got you out of any problems you may have experienced with your tablet.


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      Rayg1101 says:

      I was unaware of this fix, so I just tried a few things, and the one that worked for me is to simply press the power button on the back and hold it for about 5 or 6 seconds, then the screen came on and booted up to the home page….with a lock that has to be slid toward the side which apparently unlocks it. Next time I’ll try the two button fix. I wonder if rebooting that way will fix the volume level? I can hardly hear this thing. back firing speakers seems like going up the downstairs case.

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    Ben says:

    I have a xoom that is not prgressing beyond the “M” screen. Reset worked only the first time. It happened again and this reset protocol took over 20 tries a few minutes apart. Now, the third time in the week, it is dead on the M screen and will not reset. Why the hell can’t we have a battery to remove!?!?!?!? I should not have bought the thing. Not reliable.

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    Lovemore Chikadza says:

    WOW it has worked!!!!! pressing volume up together with power button for few seconds  has perfectly resolved the the stuck black screen problem i had  with my motorola xoom

    thanks for the help

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    Lovemore Chikadza says:

    WOW it has worked!!!!! pressing volume up together with power button for few seconds  has perfectly resolved the the stuck black screen problem i had  with my motorola xoom

    thanks for the help

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    Guest says:

    Problem; I can use my xoom only after a Factory Reset external keys {it then works fine}.
    Next restart, the Xoom sticks on what looks like the Home Screen, partially loaded. It shows a Wifi Zone bottom right but does not respond. Factory reset is my only option. Your fix doesn’t work for my problem.

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    Karimilo says:

    That was a great Fix really thanks 🙂 One more thing the new up date on Android also will help..thanks again

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    Lsimon says:

    I sent my zoom back to Motorola for upgrade to 4g. After two days it now boots with ugly arc that says morning star. Won’t go away

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    Dwp45042 says:

    Just experienced the “black screen” issue.  Holding the volume up button and the on button at the same time caused a re-boot.  After completed the unit seemed to work OK until I tried to change some of my notification settings (ringtones).  The screen would just dim with no drop down list available.  Touching the screen again, returned it to it’s running brightness.  I shut the unit down and re-booted a second time.  After that, the unit seems to be working OK.

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    Grahamcpifr says:

    That fix worked for me, but now I have a new fault.
    Every time I try to get onto the net, the dam thing turns off and back on again.
    It says that there is low signal and it is constantly searching for an ip address.
    I have 2 unfortunately, might go with ipad if I can find someone silly enough to buys this junk off me.
    Any ideas?

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    Bobby says:

    My xoom went black when I was trying to open a movie. Blue processing circle appeared as normal then screen went black. No sign of life. Just tried the two buttons as suggested but nothing happens at all. Up until then my xoom was working fine handling each upgrade and any apps installed. Tried sitting it on the docking station but no light shows. Any suggestions? 

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    Gwan says:

    The charge got finished completely and on re-charging,the tablet has totally refused to turn on even after pressing the upper volume key together with the power button.what can i do? 

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    Alun Jones says:

    my xoom started and stayed on the motorola logo. so i tried this and the problem is still happening. what do i do???

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    Soicanhide says:

    That worked for me to get it booted, however, now I can’t get it to unmute. I have sound on the notifications and alarms but nothing on anything else. have tried soft reboot,  shut down waited for a while turned it back on still it is mute mode and I can not get it to un mute, any suggestions are welcome.

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    Pete033oh says:

    when I use the speech to text in google to search a subject, it disappears when I close the speech input window.  Why does it do this?  I want it to search the text in Google.

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    Khill says:

    I was using the Camera for some Photos.  The unit shut down inbetween shots .  Then the NO Power lockup. 
    I did figure out the Volume up and power switch reset.  But BEWARE!!  I lost Everything I did that morning.  My whole day was a waste… 
    I checked my folders in memory,  there are now 2 or 3 copies of every folder on the card. 
    What do I do now??   

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    09mymail says:

    Great to know, it solved my problem of not being able to turn my Motorola Xoom on.  I just got mine for Christmas, & have barely used it.  I hope this isn’t the beginning of problems to come with my Xoom.  Thanks for the fix!

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    Janishamilton says:

    I’m having problems with my Xoom. I keep getting a cube with a question mark on it instead of what is supposed to appear. For example, an ecard will show up with the ?cube instead of playing or when I’m at a site looking at shoes and I click on a particular pair to look at the ?cube will appear and not the shoes. What is going on? Can I fix this myself?

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    Mrb says:

    This neat trick did the trick. Neither Verizon nor Motorola technicians have a clue.
    Thank you for saving us such a grief.

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    Mrb says:

    This neat trick did the trick. Neither Verizon nor Motorola technicians have a clue.
    Thank you for saving us such a grief.

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    Bahog2 says:

    Watching a movie and the screen went black. Nothing wold fix it until I tried this fix. Worked perfectly – many thanks.

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    Eric says:

    Yeah this tip worked!!! Boooooo!!! I have to do it EVERY time I want to start up my Xoom???? What the heck?

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    Thetesta5 says:

    Thank you, thank you. This article was a God send!!! All of sudden, and with no prior problems, my Zoom Tablet started getting stuck on the home screen and would just sit there until the battery ran out. When I was finally able to re-start it, (this is when I wished that the Zoom dind’t have such a long battery life!!!). I was able to turn it on and start it up just fine after that, but I lost a day without being able to use it. I was so thankful for your article on a quick fix!!! The power of the internet!!! Thanks again!!!

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    Vaidyajm says:

    Thanks much in deed. I had faced this issue earlier in Jan and must have done the same unknowingly at that time. I faced this problem again and this post really helped me. Now I know the solution

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    Robin says:

    Yeah..It worked..this happened before and my son fixed it and he told me how to do it but…My memory sucks..Glad I found you..Thanks

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    Crazycat says:

    First, i thought the battery is dead, Put charger on, no light at all so it is not a battery problem.
    With this post and the fix , it works. Thanks.

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    Bart says:

    I have been half way through disassembling my tablet to see if the battery has been loosened or something, when I thought – hey, let me search on the net if this has happened before to anyone else. How surprised was I to see how many times and to how many people!!! Even more suprised was I when I found out how easy it was to solve my problem!!!

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    Cohaylo says:

    Thank you had my first frozen screen today. Had to let battery run down before I could get it up and running . Hopefully your idea will work next time!

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    Royalty says:

    My Xoom will not turn on. I’ve tried the fix it suggestion given to hold the up volume key & power key & nothing happens please help

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    james says:

    hi my motorola xoom on start up lights bit blue on the middle edges and into a few lines of blue which looks like barcode and takes like an hour to proper start up and then works perfect… any help !!! thanks

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    Piya says:

    It works for me..! thank you so much….my xoom was dead and was very upset.. After hold volume and power button together,it turned on,,bunch of thanks again..

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    Steve says:

    I’ve heard this tip before but unfortunately my xoom is still non responsive even though its fully charged. Also Motorola were very unhelpful in helping to correct it which has made my impression of Motorola even worse! Any other suggestions?

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    Laurie says:

    My Xoom just went black today. When this happened before, the two button fix worked. Now nothing helps. Tried vol up/power, vol down/power, power alone, both volumes and power. Still nothing. Help!!!

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    Koinosnous says:

    I have ‘managed’ to remove the English keybord leaving only the Russian one. Now I cannot log in as my start screen password is in English.
    Please help.

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    nash cadalin says:

    uhm my motorola xoom isn’t functioning well. when i try to power it on it works but when it load it takes hours. (the loading to lockscreen one) can anybody help pls?

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    helenm says:

    Yay! It worked! Was devastated and thought it was broken. Tried the two button ( on and vol+) and magic! Thanks!

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    mar says:

    my xoom opens but it just runs continuously with flashing different colors but not displaying my icons on its screen. Help me pls.

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