New BlackBerry 7: Flash Support & Android Apps No Go

For those fans of BlackBerry that were hoping to see Android Apps and Flash Support on the soon to be released BlackBerry 7 OS, unfortunately the update will be coming with neither.

When there was an indication that QNX OS for RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook would enable the user to load Android apps for use on the tablet, everyone was excited at the prospect and it seem like an easy transition between RIM’s Java based system and Android’s Dalvik VM. However, the excitement was short lived when the Playbook released without the touted Android capabilities.

Although it was hoped that BlackBerry 7 OS would offer some of the features from the QNX operating system, today it has been officially confirmed by RIM that there will be no Android apps (or Flash) on the new soon to be released BlackBerry 7 OS update, which is upsetting for the BlackBerry faithful.

However, don’t be too disheartened, as according to an article by PCMag coming by way of the guys at Phandroid, Andrew Bocking, RIM’s vice president of handheld software product management has indicated at the possibility of the new QNX OS being introduced to handhelds.

The problem now is the phones need to feature a dual-core processor, which RIM does not offer at present. He did however mention that they are working hard on a more portable handset version of the OS, which we can expect to hear more about later this year, as it is nowhere near ready yet.

What do you think about the BlackBerry 7 OS update not coming with Android apps or Flash? Please let us know your views.

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