Smartphone Repair Tips from Rice to Lemon Juice

Everyone knows to keep their smartphone away from water, to protect your mobile phone screen from scratches or to keep your physical keyboard clean, but accidents happen, but you don’t have to send your handset off for repair if it does, as there are a few natural alternative ways to repair such things.

According to an article over on MSN Lifestyle, you can repair minor accidents to electronic by using such natural things as rice, lemon juice, petroleum jelly, kitty litter and teabags, so here’s a few tips to repair your smartphone…

If you mobile phone gets wet, don’t switch it on, remove the battery, and memory card and disassemble as much as you can. Then store the parts in an airtight container containing dry rice, kitty litter or silica gel packs as these will absorb the moisture and leave your device dry. Furthermore with what’s left you can try to vacuum out the remaining fluid but do not try to blow dry as this will force moisture further into your handset.

If you physical keyboard is sticky from whatever, shake and remove visual particles, and then blow canned compresses air along the keys then shake gently once again and vacuum between the keys. Next make a mixture of “Leslie Reichert’s Dusting Spray from the Joy of Green Cleaning”

Boil up 3 cups of water and add 2 teabags, once cool add a teaspoon of lemon juice, remove teabags and spay onto a micro fibre cloth and wipe keys. Apparently acid in the lemon juice will cut through finger oils while the tannis from the teabags will kill any lurking mites.

If you have scratched your LCD display, you can use a soft cloth with petroleum jelly to wipe away dust and dist while working the petroleum jelly into the scratched area and finally wipe away access; do not use paper as paper will scratch the surface more.

Or you could opt the pencil eraser method, you wipe away and dust and dirt from the LCD display then using a clean pencil eraser you can buff out the scratch and finally wipe off any eraser remnants.

So here you have a few tips on repairing your smartphone or tablets for that matter at home, and of course if you try them out feel free to let us now how you get on by posting to our comments area below.

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