Apple iPad 2 If You Asked Commercial: Video

Apple obviously is going to promote their Apple iPad 2 as much as possible and has now released a new commercial for the iOS tablet that touts the iPad 2 as being used in amazing ways by teachers, CEO’s and the like.

Of course we have that new Apple iPad 2 commercial for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at 9to5 Mac and by way of the Apple YouTube page and lasts the usual 30 seconds for an advert.

In the commercial the big thing is asking, such as if you ask a parent they may call it intuitive, ask a child and they may say magical, a musician may call the Apple iPad 2 inspiring, to a doctor its groundbreaking, and so on.

So basically not much else to ay other than head on down and check out the latest Apple iPad 2 commercial, but what would you say the Apple iPad 2 was if asked?..enjoy.

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