Brand Perfect Tour Event Launches May 19th in London

On May the 19th, the Brand Perfect Tour launches in London at the Century Club, 61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue 8:30am — 5pm, and the event will address problems with branding on digital displays such as mobile devices.

The rise of digital along with the proliferation of media platforms present a challenge to brand managers, developers and designers, and brands can’t ignore the opportunity to represent themselves on digital formats.

According to research that took in 2000 people, less than 1 percent would trust a credible brand if the font in the text used were different for the font they would normally see and that 94 percent of those polled wouldn’t download a mobile app or trust a mobile promo if the text used didn’t look right.

Figures showed that almost half of the users used their mobile phone to garner info via the Internet and said figures should enable mobile markets realise the need for authoritative typography in campaigns

The Brand Perfect Tour event will offer a morning session from leading brands and agencies along with design master classes during the afternoon with an aim to delivering a better understanding of challenges associated with brand communications via digital channels. For further information you can hit up brandperfect.com


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