Earning Money via Smartphone Work: Gigwalk App

If you have ever wonder how you can earn extra cash with your smartphone, wonder no more, as the Gigwalk app enables you to do just so. Gigwalk is an iOS app that allows you to use your iPhone to complete on-demand, on-site tasks.

Here is how Gigwalk could be used by a business; a simple project can be posted by the business via the application, such as asking users to take photos of a restaurant’s menu and then answering a few questions about the business (i.e. “Is the establishment wheelchair friendly?”).

In an article by the Mashable, they state that Gigwalkers (i.e. Gigwalk members) sign up to complete tasks near them using the iOS app and can earn between $3 and $90 for the completion of each task. Please note that this is not meant as a full time job, but an easy way to earn some fast extra spending money. In the six-month long private beta, the highest paid Gigwalker earned $2,173 for 277 completed tasks.

During the private beta period, Gigwalkers were sent to areas to verify map factors like street names, etc. by the GPS maker TomTom, who would not have had the money to drive down every road themselves, to check on the accuracy of their maps. In addition, Gigwalkers were employed by Motorola to check out the positioning of their phones in Verizon stores, when the Apple iPhone started being sold by the carrier. Consumer research firms, real estate companies and local directories have also signed on to the service.

Other crowd sourcing platforms such as Mechanical Turk often are not an option to businesses, as there is no way of knowing if a person has actually left their computer to complete an on-location task. However, with Gigwalk being a smartphone-based platform, the devices have GPS installed in them. There is no way of determining who becomes a Gigwalker, but those that don’t meet a task’s stated standards don’t get paid for that task and those who do consistently good work with more complex and higher-paying tasks get rewards.

So if you are interested why not head on over to iTunes and install this free Gigwalk app and earn a little extra cash, please come back and tell us what you think of this application.

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