LG Revolution, Xperia Play, Droid X2, Possible Verizon Release Dates

If you are one of the Verizon faithful and have been patiently waiting release date news for the LG Revolution, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play or the Droid X2 smartphone, well the word is all three will be releasing in a few days time.

According to the guys over at Droid-life, the Big red has informed them of the possible release dates for said smartphones, so here are those all important release dates…

For those wishing to purchase the LG Revolution, an Android 4G LTE handset that is expected to feature Netflix support the LG Revolution should release on the 12th of this month along with the Motorola Droid X2, which is Verizon’s first Tegra 2 dual-core handset.

Also on the 12th, the Big Red will release their first Windows Phone 7 device; the HTC Trophy albeit word is the handset may be in limited supply.

Finally for those Big Red customers wishing to snap up the first PlayStation Phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play you’ll have to wait a little longer as the release date for the Xperia Play is on the 26th of this month.

So there you have it, the 12th is shaping up as a big day for Verizon, so any of our readers hoping to snap up one of these handsets?


2 thoughts on “LG Revolution, Xperia Play, Droid X2, Possible Verizon Release Dates”

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    Chris says:

    FINALLY I have been waiting for the Xperia Play for a while now, I wish they would give more concrete info, my origional droid has been dropped too many times, and is beginning its death spiral…I would sure like to replace it before it dies completely!

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    Case says:

    Really been wanting to replace my old Blackjack 2 and finally found something I wanted which is the Xperia Play, but there's still no date for AT&T users.

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