Top Green Cars 2011 Envi App: Eco-Friendly

If you love eco-friendly cars and top green cars for 2011 then look no further than the ‘Green Car Envi’ iOS app, this application will give you so much including Web-based green car photos to your iPhone.

A few of the most famous green cars include the Toyota Prius, Tesla Roadster, hybrid Chevrolet Volt and this app shows you so much more. Green Car Envi will show you many Web-based car photos in full screen where you can use the multi-touch controls.

It features cars using natural gas fuelled, hydrogen fuelled, hybrids, concepts and electric cars; it will also give you type, make, model and year of each car.

Other than just showing you pictures you will also get in-depth information about each model and their manufacturers, this is a very informative app for your iPhone so green power all the way as they say.

For more information about this Green Car Envi please visit iTunes where you can download right now. Please do let us know what you think of this cool application.

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