Tweetbot Jailbreak Tweaks: Landscape Mode & Longer Tweets

If you have downloaded Tweetbot to you iPhone, you may be disappointed by the lack of an option to landscape mode and ability to tweet out messages longer than 140 characters. Well now, help may be at hand.

The Tweetbot app is a great full-featured Twitter client that enables you to have all your Twitter features readily available on your Apple iPhone like smart gestures, multiple timelines and many more…See my article on the app here.

Whilst, there is no doubt this iOS app is great, there was room for improvement. The first absent option is the landscape mode and secondly, the ability to do tweet messages longer than 140 characters. For those out there love what Tweetbot offers, but feel a little let down by the missing options, Filippo Bigarella a jailbreak developer has provided two useful solutions to the problem…

Solution 1: TweetbotRotator, this jailbreak tweak provides the Twitter client with a landscape mode and is available on Cydia.

Solution 2: PastieBot, this companion tweak enables messages of longer than 140 characters to be automatically posted to Pastie.org. It is very similar in the way it works to other tweet-lengthening services, like Twitlonger.

As advised in the article by iDB, the tweaks are from the same developer and therefore, work together with no issues. The TweetbotRotator and PastieBot are available on the Cydia store as free downloads for jailbroken iPhones. However, you will need to include the iSpazio repo for both: http://repo.ispazio.net

Have you downloaded the Tweetbot app? If so, will you be adding the tweaks to your Twitter client?

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