BlackBerry PlayBook Official Keyboard Accessory Pictured

Research In Motion have apparently been working of an accessory for their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, an official keyboard, and a couple of pictures have now turned up o the net waves showing off the BlackBerry PlayBook keyboard accessory.

According to Slash Gear by images of the BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth keyboard comes by way of Netbook news thanks to both Intomobile and BlackBerry Rocks and apparently the word of the accessory making its way to the mobile space came from RIM’s head of accessories Bruce Winter.

Unfortunately though real details on the device are unavailable, but it is presumed the keyboard will be Bluetooth, and the blurred image shows the absence of a trackpad; however apparently when the device hits the streets the device will have a trackpad on the right.

Apparently the BlackBerry PlayBook keyboard will also double as a dock enabling the user to fold everything together when they need to move.

So does a Bluetooth keyboard for the Blackberry PlayBook make you want to think twice about purchasing the tablet?


One thought on “BlackBerry PlayBook Official Keyboard Accessory Pictured”

  1. John says:

    The one centimeter square black spot at the right bottom corner looks like a trackpad