HTC Thunderbolt Update on Verizon Coming Soon

For those of you out there with your HTC Thunderbolt in hand waiting for Verizon’s latest update for the handset, news is that it will be coming soon.

On Tuesday, my colleague Mark posted an article on the Thunderbolt update rolling out to customers in stages starting from that Tuesday and whilst, some users received the update (which fixes things like better 3G connectivity and GPS updates loading faster in Google Maps) many users were left dangling with no update to be seen.

The guys over at Droid-Life have noted in their article that Verizon had delayed the update, and were directing customers to the support page of the handset for details. Initially, there was nothing to be seen, but as of yesterday morning or late Wednesday night, details on the page had changed and now showed a “COMING SOON!” message.

At present, there is no information on the cause of the delay or when the update will start rolling out again. So, for now you will just have to continue as normal. Please note that the update for the Motorola Xoom, that was initially scheduled to release back on April 28 has also been cancelled, which is quite strange.

When we hear more information on these updates or any others, we will of course let you know. So, were you one of those fortunate enough to get the update? If so, tell us what you think. For those that did not, please leave your rants in the comments box.


7 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Update on Verizon Coming Soon”

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    LlamaJockey says:

    I'm curious what the delay is.. I guess the likely reason is the 4G network, but I have a hope in the back of my mind they're adding a few things to the update. Truth be told I guess I've been a lucky one. I have the Thunderbolt and haven't had any real problems. The battery is underpowered, but it's lasting me 14-15 hrs a day with moderate use if I turn on wifi when it's available and 4G when I'm traveling. Due to the 3G connectivity issues (lower signal) I seem to have worse battery life with 4G off. I still want an extended battery, but they're all out of stock everywhere! Other than that, I love the phone.

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    Ely says:

    Does Verizon have any clue how clueless they look by announcing/leaking/hinting at stuff and then not following through???

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    Black Knight says:

    I love Verizon customer service. I was with them up until a little over two years ago when I switched to AT&T to get the iPhone. I would like to return to Verizon due to their LTE network and looked into the Thunderbolt. However, the issues like battery life and 3G connectivity turned me away until a better quality dual core phone comes along with good battery life. Verizon needs to quality test their phones better before releasing them to the public. IMO, the Thunderbolt has been nothing but an embarrassment..

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    Tim says:

    I think they are trying to not make themselves look like they went severely cheap on stuff but they did and it is seriously causing them some issues and they need to fix their shit or they won't have many customers left

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    mat says:

    You guys need to give Verizon a break I have the thunder bolt and I like it yea they have a few MINOR problems but its a brand new phone of coarse its gonna have problems all new phones do with every service they'll come out with and update soon that will fix those problems then there will be no complaints the phones awesome ill take Verizon and the thunderbolt over any service or other phone especially the severely overrated iPhone anyway

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    brian says:

    Still waiting on the update. My biggest problem is not being able to send text messages to people on verizon and other networks. Some work…..but i cannot send a text to my wife. Very strange. GPS is very shotty….. and battery life is horrible. BUT I still love my thunderbolt….go figure

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    Andrew says:

    I will give Verizon some leeway, but the reason I find it difficult to give them a break is all phones I ever get from them, including the Thunderbolt, do not even get good 3G signal. I am told this patch will fix this, so naturally I would like it to come out. I don't have 4G in my area so I have to rely on 3g for now.

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