LG Optimus 2X Petition: Freeze & Reboot Problems

If you visit petitiononline.com you will see a new LG Optimus 2X freeze and reboot problems petition and so far there have been 217 online signatures. Please read on

Looks like those that own the LG Optimus 2X are not happy at all, the petitioner is called Luca Merega and he has named the petition “LG Optimus Dual freeze and reboot problems”, here is what was said:

To: LG Electronics so far

Dear LG, this is a group of customers who bought your Phone LG P990 (Optimus Dual).
We have all the same problem.
Our smartphone freezes and often reboots in a kind of loop.
We can only remove and reinsert the battery to have a working phone again.
You are not giving us any kind of feedback.
Some of us returned the phone, you repaired it and the effect still persists.
So the question is: how can we solve definitively this incredible situation?
Check out all of this thread and read more than 100 pages of complaints.
We hope in a new SW upgrade solving the problem ASAP.
Please, let us know something.
The Undersigned

Please visit this webpage to view all the signatures so far; some have comments of problems next to them. We here at phonesreview.co.uk are only reporting the news and have nothing to do with this petition but we thought you should know about it.

Calling Out To Customers: If you own the LG Optimus 2X please let us know if you are experiencing the above problems, if you are we would like to know about them and maybe you would like to sign the Petition Here.


4 thoughts on “LG Optimus 2X Petition: Freeze & Reboot Problems”

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    HateLG. says:

    I bought a LG P990 and had tons of problems with it, it reboots and reboots. If the phone is cold, it works for a few minutes, as soon as it is warmed up, after a few minutes, it starts to reboot again and again. Every 5 seconds it reboots..I will never buy a LG product ever again. I have sent it to repair twice, they say it has no problems, but 5 minutes after I got it back from repair, it started a reboot loop again. And after I got it back the second time, still not working, they said that *IF* I sent it to repair a third time, then I would have to pay for the repair…

    So now I have a totally unusable phone that I paid more than 500£ for! Crappy LG support, crappy LG-products and A CRAPPY LG COMPANY!

    I finally gave up and bought a Sony Ericsson PRO with hardware keyboard. *That’s* a fantastic phone..


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    andra says:

    omg..just one problem?! i’m not reciving mesages…ofen, when someone calls me, they say to me that my phone is off although my phone is onn and it has full battery and full signal. hmmm…another problems it rebots, it rebotes it rebots=)) a lot of times. another problem…when i want to send a message..the phone return me an error ” message not send”..and, as result i must send the same message to the same person 12-13 time in order to send for real…
    finally…my oppion: DONT BUY LG PRODUCTS !!!! THEY SUCK !!!! 

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    andra says:

    oh, and i forgot..is a dual-core phone..that is works reallly really hardddddddd !!!!!! 

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