Telecom NZ LG Optimus 7Q Review: HTC 7 Trophy Contender

Telecom NZ recently launch the LG Optimus 7Q and has been suggested to be the HTC 7 Trophy contender, Windows Phone 7 smartphones are becoming popular so we will let you know a little about the 7Q.

The LG Optimus 7Q RRP including GST is $899 and is a great contender to the HTC 7 Trophy, which is Vodafone’s top Windows Phone 7 smartphone according to PC World (New Zealand).

The slide-out QWERTY keyboard LG Optimus 7Q that comes with a few pre-installed applications has said to be very useful indeed and the source says above that the Panorama Shot can automatically shoot five photographs in a row for great panoramic images and this is a great addition, they even chat a little about the PlayTo feature that can stream music and video from the handset direct to any other device via Wi-Fi connection.

Other cool features that are useful includes ScanSearch that uses Google to find anything you want within a 50km radius, this is quite funny because the 7Q’s main search engine is Microsoft’s Bing.

In a nutshell the quick review by PC World suggests the LG Optimus 7Q is a strong smartphone; please let us know what you think in the commenting area provided below.

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