Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim Android App

If you are into building your very own majestic fantasy world when you have some spare time, why not do so on your Android smartphone with the Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim app for Android devices, a vast kingdom that the user is king of.

The Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim app for Android enables the user to explore new territories, battle enemies, fight monsters, manage economic and scientific developments, and take on the challenge of solving unusual and unexpected tasks.

The Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim app’s core feature is that the user can’t control the kingdom’s people directly as they all live their own lives and decide for themselves what to do at any given moment, but as ruler you can issue orders and the lands heroes will follow your commands but only for reward.

The Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim Android app has elements of role-play with heroes carrying out the users orders while improving on talent and skills and earning money for new weapons magical elixirs and equipment,

The Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim Android app is a idea fun time passer that will keep you entertained for hours and is available to download to your smartphone from the Android Market at a cost of £1.99.


4 thoughts on “Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim Android App”

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    jayme says:

    Can someone please post a walkthrough or some tips on how to beat the final level of the android version, the one with the dragons… its basically impossible.

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      Thomas says:

      "Dragon hazard" is certainly not easy. I've managed to survive to day 27/40 as of yet. THere are some tricks which I have found out in between regarding killing dragons, but I would certainly be interested in some tips/tricks or guide to the game.

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    Andy Roe says:

    WOOHOO! Just completed Dragon Hazard! Tips are:
    1. Build 2 x market ,1 x elf bungalow asap then 1 x crypt
    2. Put 1 market always on “market day” and the other “market day” occasionally but mostly for men to buy heal pots and protection rings – only raise this to lvl 2 by ~ day 10
    3. Get 4 x necromancers asap as they are resilient vs dragons and can spank the undead quickly – save game 1st as they sometimes go wandering to the 1st dragon and get spanked. 1st Dragon on red health for 2 dead necros is a fair swap tho.
    4. Combo of wizard and necromancers are v good vs dragons so plan to end up with 2 x crypt + 2 x wizard guilds
    5. Get library lvl 2 with full spells by day 20-30 as wizards can then cast fire shield to protect themselves from dragons and meteor strike which kills a dragon immediately. Save after almost each dragon kill as sometimes wizards choose to strike a rat instead – IDIOTS!

    Tip1. New market gives another 150 gold per day. market level raise only gives another 50. Both cost ~3000 so defo 2nd market quicker and gives more cash.
    Tip2. Elven bungalow DOUBLES market output so get one asap
    Tip3. Use towers only next to market and sewers/graveyard to protect INTERNAL city. They are naff vs dragons. Instead build a cheap ranger/warrior guild if you need to protect your wizard guilds as they have better health and gives you much needed time.
    Tip4. Most dragons come from SE and SW. Only few from N but N gets more undead. I therefore put 2x wiz and 1x crypt at the south and 1x crypt at the north.
    Tip5. Don’t place a wizard guild without a strong building protecting its W spawn point AS dragon could wipe em all out in one. I put one immediately E of the town hall and by day 40 it was the only building left!
    Tip6. Sometimes use +400 gold attack flag on a dragon to get your wiz+necros to kill it if it is getting near or is already attacking a building spawn point (especially a wizard one)
    Tip7. Once you can use lightening, you can kill a dragon with 4-5 blasts (400 gold each) or take out an already dying one before it kills some essential troops. This is VERY handy but save game before almost each cast as it can sometimes do no damage.
    Tip8. On day 40 you will be under attack by many dragons. You must kill all of these to win – I eventually won on day 45!

    NOTE! I was down to only my town hall and wizard guild with only 2xwizards and 4x dragons attacking the town hall on red health. FFS I cried and then my wizards did a series of inspired meteor strikes and I was blinking unbelievably at the dragon-free almost-ruins of my town on day 44 wondering if it could be true. The to save or not to save question was killing me and I chickened out but the beardies came good – I think clever saving a must really. Enjoy!

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      AndroidMaximo says:

      I completed Dragon Hazard using spells (on Pacifist). Built 2 marketplaces and Elven Bungalow for having enough money, and killed the dragons manually using Lightning Storm. One spell kills one dragon if it’s stopped, sometimes you need two. You need to train 12 men to upgrade the castle to level 3, so you can upgrade the Wizard Guild to level 3, to get the spell. I trained 4 warriors, 4 wizards and 4 necromancers, who handled all attacks, as I handled the dragons personally. It didn’t work on PeaceMaker level, because you start with much less cash, and there wasn’t enough money to kill dragons at the last days. But should work with adaptations.

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