Roger Hargreaves Little Miss Chatterbox iOS App

The Little Miss Chatterbox iOS app brings a new and exciting book reading experience to you Apple device that will keep children entertained.

The creator of the Mr Men and Little Miss books, Roger Hargreaves was born in Yorkshire, England in 1935. He drew Mr. Tickle (the very first Mr. Men character), when asked by his son Adam what a tickle looked like. An estimated 85 million books in fifteen languages had been sold at the time of Roger Hargreaves death in 1988, and now Adam has taken over the illustrating and writing of Mr Men and Little Miss books.

The wonders and magic of reading have been brought to a completely new digital level by Iceberg Reader the makers of the Little Miss Chatterbox app; they have transferred a number of wonderful children’s stories to Apple devices via their iOS apps. Thus, making these iDevice stories a perfect answer to long car rides, learning to read or for bedtime.

The app also enables you to record your own audio book, so you can add that personal touch to a story (Record feature requires iPhone or 2nd generation iPod touch). Other features include a Progressive Page Flow – so you can follow the illustrations as the story goes. Image Exploration – that enables you to use the device’s pinch & zoom feature, Visual Table of Contents – so you can move from one page to another easily or resume a story where you left off and Auto Read – which enables the story to be read aloud at the press of a button.

So if you would like own this app, why not head on over to iTunes and install it for an introductory price of £1.19, for a limited time.


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