Roger Hargreaves Little Miss Naughty iOS App

Today if you visit the Google Doodle it is celebrating Roger Hargreaves 76th birthday and we thought we would give you a little bit of “Little Miss Naughty” via an iOS app.

Check out this stunning Little Miss Naughty iOS app for your Apple devices via iTunes for only £1.19, Little Miss Naughty is a very bad girl who terrorizes the neighbourhood can Mr. Impossible stop her?

You will love this application because it features the cool audio book that will even let you add your own voice to the book; it also has a brilliant intuitive interface for the recording process. Another words, it is great for adults or children.

Main Features: Progressive Page Flow, Image Exploration with Pinch & Zoom, Visual Table of Contents and Auto Read.

Please take a look at a screenshot below, what do you think of Little Miss Naughty? Is she your best character? If you already have this app installed onto your iOS device please do send in your personal reviews. Thanks; check out our Little Miss Chatterbox article here.

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