Samsung Droid Charge Buggy and Slow Says Review

The Samsung Droid Charge, Verizon’s next 4G enabled smartphone has now received a lengthy review whereby the Android smartphones is describes as cool looking device but unfortunately has several things stacking up against it.

The review was done by David Ruddock over at Android Police, who says the Samsung Droid Charge has a “plasticky build, slow display wake, buggy and sluggish UI overlay, 3G connection issues, tons of bloatware and an outdated Android OS.”

According to Ruddock, Verizon and Samsung have constructed the Samsung Droid Charge with the “ aesthetic qualities of a fine Italian sports car,” and then fill the device with “an old, angry 800-pound bloatware/software overlay gorilla in the trunk, and weld it shut.”

However, Ruddock does say that the Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone is certainly usable, but can’t understand why anyone would want the Samsung Droid Charge over the likes of the HTC Thunderbolt.

Good points of the Droid Charge are the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 4G LTE, battery life is better than the HTC Thunderbolt, comes with a 32GB microSDHC card and is a good looking device.

On the down side the Samsung Droid Charge has a slow and buggy TouchWiz 3.0rather than TouchWiz 4.0, apparently drops 3G connections if only in a 3G area and the user has to reboot to re-acquire the connection, too much Verizon bloatware, display wake time takes over a second, and costs a hefty $300.

In summing up, Ruddock says that the Samsung Droid Charge, while having a few things going for it has more going against it and carries a flagship price that the device doesn’t live up to.

Seems Ruddock is panning the Samsung Droid Charge in his review, so does this review put you off purchasing the Droid Charge, or will you still purchase the handset so you can make up your own mind?


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    Customer-in-waiting says:

    Every single rep at my local Verizon store told me not to buy the Thunderbolt because of the battery life and to wait until the Charge comes out. Now they might say the same thing when the Charge comes out and they get the angry customers complaining over battery life, but every review I've read of the Thunderbolt says the battery is terrible and nobody mentions that on the Charge. Sense U.I. is awesome though.

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    Andy says:

    Oh yah Samsung is great if you never want to see an OS update, plus the bloat and gawd awefull Touchwiz… Umm, I'll pass!

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    Glenn says:

    I was sold a new samsung charge last Wednesday. I live in a 3G area only and it does lose internet access and e-mail for periods of time. I don't know if that issue is fixable or what. I was not supposed to be able to buy this phone, but they gave it to me and it activated with no problem. I do like the phone very much, and hope the connection issues can be worked out or it will be sent back to them.

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    Otto Maddox says:

    I too was told by a Verizon sales person, in the store, not to buy a Thunderbolt because of the battery life. And I hadn't even asked about battery life. He volunteered the information "mine can go dead in as little as 1 or 2 hours" he told me. Then he said I should wait until the Samsung Charge is released.

    Seems like Verizon was in such a hurry to get their LTE network running that their handsets had to suffer.

    So I am going to wait for the Charge to release, then check it out. I really liked the Thunderbolt though and would have bought that day if the sales guy hadn't warned me off. Which I glad he did.. I hate it when my phone is always dead.

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