Samsung Nexus S 4G Price Comparison: Sprint & Best Buy

The Samsung Nexus S 4G by Google is now up for pre-order on the Sprint online store as well as Best Buy, the price comparison between the two are completely different with the later online store being cheaper.

If you visit the Sprint online store (We use New York Zip Code 10257 as an example) you will see that they have the Nexus S 4G for $199.99, the regular price is $549.99, which means you save a cool $350.00. It is a different story if you visit Best Buy because their price for this smartphone is $149.99, which makes it $50 cheaper than Sprint; these prices are both based on a new 2-year contract.

Just so you know if you wish to terminate early fees will be prorated, starting at $200 and progressively reducing to $50 depending on the number of remaining contract months.

When you receive your smartphone you will get in the box a Samsung Nexus S 4G Mobile Phone from Google, Owner’s manual, Lithium-ion battery and Charger.

Main Specs Include: Android 2.3 OS, 3G/4G mobile hotspot capability, 4-inch Super-AMOLED colour touch-screen display, Bluetooth, 5MP camera on the rear featuring 2560 x 1920 resolution and a front-facing with 640 x 480 (VGA) resolution, video recording at 720 x 480 resolution, Built-in GPS, Voice activation, Built-in MP3 player and much more.

Where will you be buying your Samsung Nexus S 4G by Google smartphone from, will it be Sprint or Best Buy? Check out both Sprint and Best Buy screenshots below:


Best Buy


3 thoughts on “Samsung Nexus S 4G Price Comparison: Sprint & Best Buy”

  1. Reply
    Anthony Dopner says:

    The $150 price is for new Sprint Customers….if you are just upgrading it is still $200 at Best Buy.

    1. Reply
      Jonathan says:

      Thanks Anthony. All these sites dont put the fact that it's $150 for new customers and $200 for upgrading customers.

  2. Reply
    Terry says:

    Existing customers – less valuable than new customers…interesting message to send to existing customers.

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