The Queen is Tech Savvy: She Wants Apple iPad 2

The Queen has prompted her staff to buy her a new Apple iPad 2, now we find this more interesting than the Royal Wedding with Prince William and Kate because technology is the future.

Prince Harry and Prince William use the new Apple iPad 2 tablet PC and this sparked interest from the Queen and then decided it is time she owned one according to The Sun. The Queen who is now 85 had a few lessons on the iPad at Buckingham Palace from her grandsons and now she wishes to add to her Apple collection.

The Queen already owns iPods and a mobile phone and now she will have an iPad 2, this is amazing because it goes to prove she is a elegant lady with class, many Apple fans will love the fact she is choosing their beloved devices.

According to the source above she said it is surprising how easy it is to use and that, all we say is “The Queen is more tech savvy than the Prime Minister”.

Please let us know what you think about the Queen wanting the new Apple iPad 2.

Via – T3

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