Apple iPad 2 Comes With Extra Costs

The latest addition to the Apple stable is of course the Apple iPad 2 and commands a rather steep price tag, in the United States the iOS tablet costs $499, while in other countries that price tag rises to roughly $700, but its not just those clear cut prices the customer has to consider.

According to an article over on Itproportal, the Apple iPad 2 has a few hidden costs, extra costs the customer has to lay out in certain circumstances, for example WiFi with 3G, due to the user needing to purchase access to a 3G network, which will carry a monthly fee.

Then there is if you take your Apple iPad 2 overseas you’ll need to purchase extra SIM cards or subscribe to data options so you can use the iOS tablet in another country. Then of course you’ll need at least a few apps on your device, which can cost a pretty penny, although some are reasonably cheap to purchase but it all adds up.

You may opt to purchase a couple of iPad 2 accessories, perhaps a sleeve or case to keep your device protected, again costing extra cash. Of course if you are sensible you’ll also insure your iPad 2 against accidental damage.

So when considering purchasing the Apple iPad 2, the customer doesn’t just have to take into account how much the device costs to buy, but what other extra costs are involved.

So we’d like to know if our readers have considered shelling out extra dosh on their Apple iPad 2, and if so has it added a fair bit to the overall price of the tablet; feel free to let us know by dropping us a comment below.


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  1. There is nothing secrative about 3G. It isnt hidden. If anybody is buying an iPad, they know whether they are going for the WiFi only model or the one with 3G. Last I checked, anybody capable of owning an iPad has a cell phone and already knows about 3G and understands its not free.

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