Did You Leave T-Mobile, Who For?

It has been revealed that T-Mobile USA suffered significant losses in the first quarter, with the loss of quite a number of their customers.

T-Mobile reported in their Q1 statement that they suffered significant losses. The Q1 financials indicate that this could be due to customers leaving T-Mobile, with 471,000 contract customers either cancelling their contracts outright or just not re-signing new contracts when their old ones expired.

This is going to be a massive blow to T-Mobile who in contrast to the loss of the contract customers only managed a growth of just 372,000 prepaid customers, which included MVNO customers for sub-carriers. Over the same period for the last year, T-Mobile suffered a net loss of 99,000 users, which is a 29-percent increase in losses.

The losses have been put down to increased “competitive pressures,” by the company. In article by CNET coming to us by way of Engadget, it is indicated that if a possible merger between T-Mobile and AT&T were to take place, they would have over 130 million subscribers and become the dominant force in the wireless market. However, this deal could all rest on the investigation being carried out by the Department of Justice.

I just wonder if the revamping of prepaid plans by T-Mobile later this month is an attempt by the company to keep customers on side. For more information on the full financials of T-Mobile, visit BusinessWire. We would like to hear from any readers that have left T-Mobile. Please tell us your reason for leaving and to which carrier you transferred. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Did You Leave T-Mobile, Who For?”

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    Penn Williams says:

    Too late for making prepaid plans more attractive. I've already turned my mobile needs to tracfone's SVC plan. In which case I very much doubt whether T-Mobile will come out with anything even remotely competitive. Which is a shame, as I don't understand how tracfone can sell minutes, and phones for so much cheaper, and not have their own physical network. To me I interpret that as greed somewhere in upper management.

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    Anonymous says:

    I’ve moved my whole family on to Tracfone as I found the future with T-Mobile a bit shaky and since I did a few investigations into pricing I found that prepaid was a much cheaper option where I had control over my costs.
    I’ve got the SVC Samsung T155G which I chose because it was the cheapest on the market for seniors and I enjoy the larger buttons and letters on the phone and my kids use the Tracfone LG800G qwerty keyboard touch phone.
    I find Tracfone uses the major networks for a fraction of the price as the major network contract clients.

  3. i am next one to leave. good customer service so far, but if i cant talk on phone when i need to its all useless. thousands of dropped calls, ” call failed”, “service unavailable “, all error messages u can get, in washington dc metropolitan area. horrible, horrible. 2 months left and i am leaving. just waiting for. my phone blackberry 9870, 3g.

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    I am leaving next. Horrible customer service. Will never go back. every month they find something new to charge us. when we call the customer service is less then satisfactory. I have been hung up on several times and for no reason as i am always professional and friendly. They never fix the problem. THey say they do and then the next month i get stuck with a new person who doesn’t understand what they did the month before. Today i was told that i get charged $20 every day on top of the regular fees just because they are Tmobile and they can.  Hmm I don’t think so. Tmobile is not going to last long unless they figure out how to serve there customers. 

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