HP Veer 4G May 15th, WebOS Apps Coming Before Release

Those that are fans of webOS smartphone probably know that the latest webOS packing smartphone coming out of the HP camp is the HP Veer 4G and is set to release in a few days time on the 15th of this month on AT&T.

Of course the big thing in the mobile game isn’t the smartphone but what apps are available for the device, no point having a brand new device if there are no apps for it right?

Well according to the guys over at Ubergizmo, they have learnt that new HP webOS apps will indeed become available in time for the release of the HP Veer 4G, so one can expect said webOS apps any day now.

Apparently the word is everything is being kept under wraps at the moment, but apparently there will be an announcement made on Thursday at 8.00 AM. The guys say the developer behind the webOS app has in excess of 11 million mobile users and have proved to be one of the top 10 Android and iOS apps in reference categories.

So any of our reader’s care to hazard a guess at what the new webOS app for the HP Veer 4G will be, post your guesses to our comments area below.

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