Intel Bringing 3D with Ivy Bridge to Smartphones

Intel is trying to ease their way into the smartphone processor market with the introduction of new three-dimensional processors code-named Ivy Bridge.

Recently, Intel uncovered their next-generation technology ‘Ivy Bridge’, which is a new line in processors. What sets Ivy Bridge apart from the other processors is that it uses three dimensions rather than the traditional flat circuit, thus giving it extra room for more transistors.

Intel are hoping that with the introduction of the Ivy Bridge processor they will eventually be able to capture some of the lucrative smartphone and tablet microchip market from their rivals ARM Holdings, whose chip technology is currently favoured in devices for Apple, Motorola and Samsung.

Information regarding Intel’s Ivy Bridge chip technology comes to us by way of Yahoo News/Reuters via PhoneScoop and reveals that design of the chip will mean they use less energy and will run faster. By the end of 2011, the chips will be ready for computers and servers, with Intel believing that eventually Ivy Bridge will be used to run smartphones and tablets.

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