Google Music Beta Introduction and Walkthrough Videos

Google has now introduced Google Music Beta for Android, which enables users to upload their music to the cloud and then listen to their music while on the go from their Android smartphone, tablet, or any computer.

And for your viewing pleasure below we have a couple of videos, one from Google introducing Music Beta so you can hear about it direct from the guys themselves, and the other courtesy of This In My Next who have gone hands-on with Google Music Beta.

The This Is My Next guys say the beta label is “well deserved” at this point and was pleased with how effortlessly and quickly tracks streamed over 3G, but the set-up has a few hiccups and using the Music Manager app to upload tracks from your PC to the cloud means you can sometimes upload more than you expect.

Having said that if you are into having your music on the cloud for access anywhere, even offline, it is much easier to check out both videos below and see what you think of Google Music Beta…enjoy

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