How Good Are You In The Bedroom App

Is there nowhere that is sacred from world of applications, it would appear not as they are now infiltrating our bedrooms during our most intimate moments.

There are iOS apps out there that that track our every habit from eating, exercise, sleeping, etc…, and now even our performance in the bedroom. The SexTrack is a ‘groundbreaking’ and new application — as described on iTunes, your abilities as a lover are measured by the use of the accelerometer in the Apple device and your performance graded on frequency, duration, speed and intensity.

As indicated in the article by iDB, you and your partner can keep track of your “High Score,” and even share your best results with social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, if you are not totally content with that, then you can enter your score on an online High Score database, where the scores are separated by national and global levels (surely, these features are for bragging rights only).

However, there may be some good that can come out this app — imagine a couple on the brink of splitting up, try this application and it brings back the sparkle to their relationship. Please note that if you were unsure if smartphones were becoming a dominant part of our lives, here’s your answer.

If you are interested in purchasing the SexTrack iOS app, it is available at $1.99 from the App Store for a “limited time”. Please tell us what you think of this tracking app?, will you and your partner be trying it out?

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