Gas Price Apps: GasBook The Cheaper Option

With today’s economic situation and the constant price rises in gas, drivers need to be on the constant lookout for cheaper fuel so they can lower the cost of running their vehicle, and if you are in the good ole US of A and own an iOS device there’s an app for that.

The iOS app is called GasBook and delivers to the user up-to-date prices on fuel from hundreds of thousands of gas stations across the United States enabling the user who is going long distance to map out where they can tank up and save cash.

The GasBook app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad features the richest database for gas stations that is frequently updated with the latest gas prices powered by users, and enables the user to search by zip code, any location or GPS current location.

With the GasBook app the user can search prices for diesel, premium mid-grade and regular fuel, sort by distance or price, search gas stations as far as 50 miles in distance or use the map view to search wider, and limit price data results to one day old or up to five days old.

The GasBook app also allows the searching of brands and view all stations on Google Maps, and there is a diesel only mode too. The GasBook app can be downloaded to your iOS device from iTunes at a cost of just $0.99.

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