HTC Flyer Now Available Priced Lower than iPad 2

For the Android faithful who have been awaiting the availability of the HTC Flyer, the Android tablet is now on sale and in mainland Europe the HTC Flyer is selling for marginally less than rival tablet the Apple iPad 2 other than in the UK.

According to the guys over on Slash Gear, the HTC Flyer will be available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, and the Czech Republic, first and followed later by the USA.

In Europe the WiFi only HTC Flyer commands a price tag of 499 Euros which is about £479or $714, while the 3G version costs 649 Euros, £599.99 or $929.

In the UK Carphone Warehouse has confirmed pricing for the HTC Flyer as £599.99 as standalone, or £129 based on a £25 per month agreement with 5GB data with Talk Mobile. This means that the UK HTC Flyer is more expensive than the Apple iPad 2 priced at £399 for the 16GB WiFi model and £579 for the WiFI+3G 23GB iPad.

So any of our UK or European readers going to be snapping up the HTC Flyer now that the tablet has become available?


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    Chris kirk says:

    Although more expensive to purchase outright the Flyer is cheaper than the iPad 2 if you get it with a data contract (£129 vs £199 with £25 a month at Carphone Warehouse)

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