iPhone 5 Used for Facebook Scam

Anything to do with the iPhone 5 catches attention, and it looks like scammers are taking advantage of that on Facebook as there is apparently a new Facebook scam doing the rounds that is using the iPhone 5 to attract victims.

According to an article over on iPhone Download Blog and by way of Cnet, the scam is a stream titled “First Exposure: Apple iPhone 5,” and one of your friends has commented so you click on the link as well, and once clicked you are sent to “greatlakesnews.info.”

The unsuspecting Facebook victim is then asked to put in a captcha code for human verification and once you have clicked that, a message is then posted onto you Facebook page saying you have commented and the link is again provided with the message for other friends to do the same.

This type of scam is known as “clickjacking” and the user is then faced with a survey to complete to win prizes, but apparently according to M86 Security the survey is really marketing.

So be aware of what you click on Facebook, have any of our readers been faced with this iPhone 5 scam on their Facebook page?

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