You Can Use Google Music On The iPhone

As you are probably aware now, a beta version of Google’s new cloud storage service has been launched. Google Music Beta enables Android user to store in the range of 20,000 songs for playback on their device. However, do not despair iOS users as you can also access the service on your iPhone or other iDevices.

The availability of the Google service is great news to those iDevice users, who are fed up of waiting for Apple to launch their own cloud services. In a similar way to that of the Amazon cloud service, iOS users have found a way to playback Google Music on their devices.
At present, Google Music Beta is free to users with a Google Music account in place, on an invitation only basis, which you can request via Google’s Music Beta website. When your invitation is received, you will need a computer to login to the storage service site and upload some music. When you have songs available, just opening up Safari on your Apple iPhone (or other iDevice) and go to google.com/music, enter your account information, press the ‘Play’ button and your away bopping to your beats.

As advised in the article by IDB, the music is played through the web browser and therefore does not require Quicktime to open, unlike Amazon’s player. Playback toggles like Shuffle and Repeat can be set and thanks to multitasking support, the music can even be played in the background.

Please note that as this is still in beta version, it is currently only available in the US and may still contain a few bugs. Let us hope that this will be seen as a wake-up call to Apple and their cloud services is rolled out sooner rather than later. If you have the Google Music Beta running on your device, please let us less fortunate people know how it plays.

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