Amazon Planning More Android Gear Possibly a Smartphone

You probably know there’s a rumour that Amazon may deliver an Android based tablet at some point in the future, but apparently one tablet isn’t the only goal with Amazon as the word is Amazon is planning on an “entire family” of Android devices.

According to the Boy Genius Report by way of Android and me, this rumour comes via an industry insider with “direct knowledge of the project,” although it isn’t clear just what Android gear Amazon is contemplating.

There’s speculation on different sized Android tablets, or an Amazon tablet and e-reader, and even speculation that Amazon could push out an Android based smartphone, although apparently the industry insider couldn’t confirm which device would launch first.

Apparently when it comes to size and price, the source would like to see Amazon would put out a 9.7-inch colour tablet with a price tag of roughly $399 and a 4-inch smartphone for under $199.

Obviously all this is just rumour at present but if Amazon did deliver an Android tablet and smartphone would our readers be interested in purchasing one?

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