iPhone 5 Camera Sensor Parts Pictured

It would appears that although the next generation iPhone will resemble the current iPhone 4, the new iOS smartphone may be packing a repositioned LED flash with both the iPhone 5 rear and front cameras getting a design overhaul.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, the new picture comes by way of Apple Pro, and shows the redesign of the front facing camera, but the main info comes from checking out the back facing camera.

The guys say that the new iPhone 5 rear facing camera sensor has been redesigned, and has had two critical elements removed from the previous sensor on the iPhone 4, the piece which blocks camera/flash interference and the LED camera flash.

Thus it appears that the iPhone 5 could well have a repositioned camera flash, and in another article 9to5 Mac, by way of Gadgets DNA, has an image that is apparently of an iPhone 5 prototype case with the flash hole relocated to the right top side that you can see below.

So if true, what do our reader’s think of a repositioned camera on the iPhone 5?

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