Samsung Galaxy S 2 Officially Demonstrated on Video

Thinking about picking up the successor to the successful Samsung Galaxy S, then perhaps you’d like an official demonstration of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 from the makers of the smartphone themselves to help you make up your mind.

So that’s the very thing we have for your viewing consideration below, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Official Live Demo video, which comes our way courtesy of Slash Gear and delivers over twelve minutes of getting to know the Android 2.3 Gingerbread device.

The Samsung guys go quite deep into the features of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and shows how a user can customise how applications are organised along with customising the home screen, create folders and the like.

Mobile gaming is also given a spin in the footage and looks to be quite impressive, however, I’ll stop right there so you can head on down to mash that play button to find out all about the Samsung Galaxy S 2 for yourselves…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S 2 Officially Demonstrated on Video”

  1. 1. nice hardware.
    2. hardware canot optimise for the software properly.
    3. astonishing feature.
    4. boring UI.
    5. camera not speedy enough!! homescreen lag!!
    6. canot compete IOS, Android at the moment… not to mention symbian..

    For a user in 1st met wih the phone, the 1st homescreen lag is always the worst outcome frm a smartphone company. no matter how good is ur feature. lag = bad phone. no ppl wants a lag phone. (i know no phone is LAG-free at the moment )more worst when it lags when comes out from the original package 1st time. What do you think if it stores alot of video pictures inside?

  2. Verizon CEO will find a way to frack this up.. You can bet on it. How about 4x delay. How about charging way too much for a 4G network not availabe in my area.

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