iPhone 5 or 4S? Your choice

There have been quite a number of rumours and speculations surrounding the iPhone 5 and one of these relates to the name, whereby the iPhone 5 as it has become know, will actually be called the iPhone 4S. We would like to know which is your preferred name of choice.

On April 26, I did an article entitled ‘iPhone 5 or 4S: My Name is?’ The article related to revelations that the latest handset to come out of the Apple stable would arrive on the scene under the title of iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5 as we have all become accustomed to calling it.

Peter Misek, a Jefferies & Co. analyst has also rumoured at the name of the next generation iPhone being called the ‘4S’ as indicated in my colleague James’ article ‘iPhone 5 Is 4S No LTE But Sprint & T-Mobile’. In which he also revealed that the iPhone 4S will not come with 4G, due to the 4G LTE chip not being available in the vast quantities required.

Further speculation is that the handset will launch with carriers Sprint and T-Mobile, this is also indicated in James’ article and is also backed up in an article by the guys at Mashable, in which they state that the smartphone will come with a dual-core A5 processor and have improved front and rear cameras to an unspecified extent.

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  1. The name can be iPhone 4 as there is not much difference in the two phones. The look is almost same and the camera has been made down to 5MP from 8MP. "iPhone 4S" will have Apple A5 dual core CPU within. This makes the phone a level higher than iPhone 4.

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