Microsoft May Connect Skype With Facebook Says Analysts

As you probably know, Microsoft has now acquired Skype for a rather hefty sum of cash as we reported previously (here) and may or may not be good for Skype users; that remains to be seen. However according to analysts although Facebook didn’t acquire Skype they may reap some benefit.

According to an article over on PC World, The Gabriel Consulting Group, analyst Dan Olds says, “Facebook could get a little goodness out of the Skype deal, given its close relationship with Microsoft. I can see where Skype could play a role between them and provide benefits to both sides. Adding Skype-like capabilities to Facebook would give Microsoft a ready-made marketing platform for it and give Facebook a new tool to offer its users.”

And according to Enderle Group analyst, Rob Enderle, Facebook may have “lucked out” with Microsoft acquiring Skype, and rather than have to shell out a large sum for Skype may be able to barter a less expensive deal with Microsoft to use Skype on their website.

Enderle says, “If anybody, Microsoft would rather Facebook have Skype capabilities. It wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft offered this up, treating Facebook more like a partner… Better to take on Google together.”

Thus it would appear that Skype might just come to Facebook after all so Microsoft and Facebook can jointly step up their battle against Google.

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