Samsung Galaxy S 2 Gains Two Updates

The latest smartphone out of the Samsung camp is of course the Samsung Galaxy S 2, the successor to the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S, and although the Galaxy S 2 is new to the market apparently the device has already gained 2 firmware updates.

According to an article over on Android Community, the first update to the Samsung Galaxy S 2 delivered a touch up to Swype making it more responsive along with sorting out a few connectivity problems.

The second update to the Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset dealt with automatic brightness of the device, and apparently the firmware is rootable so will be great news for the use that loves 3rd party hacks.

Apparently the guys tried grabbing the updates via the Samsung Galaxy S 2’s firmware update tool but apparently couldn’t locate the new builds so it appears anyone wanting to grab them will need to go through Samsung Kies.

So if you haven’t already picked up the two updates for your Samsung Galaxy S 2 hit up Kies and do so, and feel free to let us know if all goes fine or you experience and problems.


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    Ron says:

    As I have a Mac, I downloaded Kies Mini version Version, however when I launch the Kies app and then connect my Samsung SII device via USB to the the computer, I get a message from Kies saying that "this device is not supported." Are others having this issue? Is there a more recent version of Kies Mini that supports the S2 and if yes, where can I find it on the web to download it?

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