Kissing Games iOS App: World Audio Book

The Kissing Games Of The World is an audiobook iOs app and is a wonderful story that will keep you immersed for hour at a time, ideal for those long journeys, bedtime reads or anytime you get a moment to yourself.

This audiobook iOS app contains a professional recording of Kissing Games Of The World a story that centres on the free-spirited artist and single mother Jamie McClintock who has found peace and freedom at last by sharing a farmhouse with an elderly man and his young grandson.

However, when the old man suddenly dies, the idyllic country life she has become accustomed to comes to a halt, as the estranged son of the old man, Nate, returns to claim his child and the house. Nate’s sick, arrogant and salesman-like approach to parenthood is disliked by Jamie, whilst Nate is irritated by Jamie’s laid-back, earth mother view on life.

This is definitely not a case of love at first sight and as they try to work out the logistics of raising their two young boys, whilst reluctantly enduring the company of each other. It is not until they are apart, that they both realize that sometimes love has an uncanny way of sneaking through the door you were sure you had slammed shut long ago.

In order to find out how the story pans out, you will have to purchase the Kissing Games Of The World (audiobook) from iTunes, currently priced at $29.99 (£17.99). It is compatible with the following Apple devices iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Please come back and leave your comments on the story below. Thanks.

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