BlackBerry PlayBook Sees A Price Drop on Amazon UK

The first mobile tablet out of the Research In Motion camp isn’t due release over here in the UK until June the 16th, but that release date doesn’t stop the likes of Amazon UK offering the tablet at a lower price than the official asking price.

According to an article over on Itproportal, Amazon UK has dropped the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB version down to £354, a price that undercut the £399 price that others such as the Carphone Warehouse, and Phones 4U is asking.

The 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook is being sold and dispatched by retailer DigiGood and apparently anyone wishing to order should do so quickly as they only have 11 of the 7-inch tablets in stock, presumable to become available on the 16th of June.

Apparently the BlackBerry PlayBook is ranked 11th in Amazon’s list of best selling tablets. So there it is if you want the BlackBerry PlayBook a little cheaper then you can do so by hitting up Amazon UK, anyone tempted?


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