Apple Cut iPhone 4 Orders, Making Room For iPhone 5 (4S)

Apple is getting closer to revealing more about the new iPhone 5 aka iPhone 4S because it is about to cut iPhone 4 orders, hopefully the new smartphone will be announced at WWDC in June.

Digitimes have heard by supply chain manufacturers from Taiwan that iPhone 4 orders in the second quarter of 2011 will be dropped from 20-million to 18-million with most of them made up of 3G models, 2-million of them will be CDMA units.

Apparently there are 2 million iPhone 4 units floating around the market at the moment and because the new iPhone 5 (4S) is coming soon with better features such as new camera, new processor etc they need to make room and have enough time on their hands to produce the new handsets.

The new iPhone 5 also known, as the iPhone 4S will release in September, all speculation of course as no official announcement has been made. Cannot see it being that much different to the current iPhone 4 other than a few minor updates, time will tell when WWDC 2011 kicks of in June.

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