Apple Lagging Behind Holding Back 4G iPhone

The mobile space is constantly moving forward, the latest of which is 4G networks, and most smartphone makers have jumped aboard the 4G express train and delivering 4G enabled devices, unlike Apple of course who still haven’t delivered a 4G version of the iPhone.

It’s not that unusual for Apple to lag behind the rest when it comes to advancement as they always seem to wait until other phone makers such as Android have tested new tech in the field . I know the iOS faithful will say this is rubbish but one does have to remember Apple was late delivering even the most basic of features to their iOS gear.

Picture messaging for example, the iPhone didn’t have it for quite some time while other smartphones had it as standard, or copy & paste, again arriving late to the iPhone while other devices already offered the feature.

I know Apple has come up with some fairly good advanced features in the past such as FaceTime, and all credit to them, but the mobile world is moving forward with 4G LTE tech and once again Apple is dragging behind because the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S whichever you wish to call it wont support 4G.

Most carriers are rolling out 4G networks across the US, and Android has several smartphones that can play nice on 4G, the HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, HTC Thunderbolt 4G to mention just a few, and more on are available or on their way.

Apparently Apple isn’t delivering the 4G iPhone yet because the 4G LTE networks aren’t matured but this doesn’t stop other smartphone makers embracing the tech and delivering, as it’s no good having a 4G network if there are no handsets that can use it right?

Thus Apple is lagging behind once again letting others do the running while they hold back on delivering a 4G enabled iPhone, probably next year with the iPhone 6…agree or disagree?


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  1. I disagree. I have the Samsung Epic 4g, and the 4g is a joke. I'm able to use wifi 20x more than a stable 4g connection. When 4g is on, it sucks down the battery such that you would be lucky to get 4 hours out of the phone with moderate use.

    The coverage of 4g and current power consumption requirements are such that it's a hindrance and I'm sure I'm paying for it in the size, weight and cost of the phone. Yet Sprint has the gaul to charge a $10/month surcharge for this virtually non-existent service. Basically we have to subsidize their build out, and then will have to pay their monthly fees forever. After the Tmobile merge, it's not like there are any more competitive options out there with this almost monopoly of a cell phone carrier market.

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