Best 5 Retro Games for iOS Devices

Many moons ago before the mobile phone came about, people used to play games on gaming consoles and many of those games were loved, but with advancement in technology gaming has moved on but the retro games have made the transition to mobile, and we have a few retro games for iOS games for your consideration below.

The guys over at MSN Games UK have come up with a list of the best retro games for mobile, so we thought we’d pass a few of them for iOS along to our readers although these are probably also available on other platforms, and if you wish to check out the rest of the list you can hit up their website.

So let’s kick off with an old timer, and one of my all-time favourites, Sonic the Hedgehog. Those who have played Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive will know the blue hedgehog was a real contender back in the day with such iconic levels as Green Hill Zone.

Sonic the Hedgehog for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad enables the user to relive those memories charging through 7 zones picking up gold rings and avoiding traps along the way, enter special zones to collect Chaos Emeralds and go on to defeat the evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic the Hedgehog for the iOS platform is available to download to your device from iTunes at a cost of $4.99.

Next up we have Earthworm Jim for iOS, a remake of the classic action platformer, a game that gives older gamers a taste of nostalgia, and new gamers a madcap cartoon earthworm that carries a blaster and has the ability to swing from hooks by his head, bungee jump, launch cows, and more.

Earthworm Jim for iOS features 16 levels with 10 original environments with 4 levels of difficulty and a re-mastered cult soundtrack. Earthworm Jim can deliver hours of gaming to your iOS device by hitting up iTunes and downloading for $4.99.

Next we have another classic of the gaming world, Pac-Man Champion Edition, a new twist on the original dot-gobbling creature of the original Pac-Mac, by changing the placement of dots, power pills and fruit.

Pac-Man Champion Edition for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad features 4 modes, Mission mode, Championship mode and Challenge mode, and you can even compete with friends on Facebook in the Online Tournament mode. Pac-Man Champion Edition can be downloaded from iTunes to your iDevice at a cost of $4.99.

Next we have an iconic game, Tetris, a game that has sold millions across numerous platforms over the years, and making the transition to the mobile space hasn’t change the structure much and stick to its successful original formula.

There are 2 versions of the Tetris app one for the iPhone and the other for the Apple iPad, and if you are into gaming I’m pretty sure Tetris doesn’t need any explanation, as it is family simple, you move blocks about to link up with falling blocks. Both apps are available from iTunes with Tetris for the iPhone costing $2.99 while the iPad version costs $4.99.

Last but not least there is Final Fantasy, a classic partly-based RPG originally released back in 1987 that has seen numerous sequels and spin-offs, and this iOS version retains the difficulty and charm of the retro game.

With Final Fantasy the gamer guides the Warriors of Light through their quest to restore the crystals to their former glory and explore the world with great vehicles, choice of character classes, and side view battles, and now contains the bonus dungeons found in later additions. The Final Fantasy app can be downloaded at a cost of $8.99 from iTunes.

And that’s your lot, although as I previously said, you can check out more by hitting up the MSN Games UK website, and no doubt if you are an ardent gamer you have your own favourite retro game, which we’d love you to share with us by posting to our comments area.

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