End of the World 2011 App: Judgement Day Predictions

Is the end of the world going to happen on May 21? Yes that is tomorrow, some have said that judgement day was going to happen December 2012. Anyway we have a great iOS app that will reveal all, please install and see what you think.

There are many cultures and prophecies that are predicting that the end of the world is looming and the latest news we found via ABS-CBN suggests that this will actually happen tomorrow May 21, 2011. Apparently religious group visited Manila where they were warned that doomsday will happen tomorrow, leader of Family Radio (California-based religious radio network) Harold Camping said that the end of the world will happen with around 200 million people being “ruptured” or saved come “Judgment Day.”

But then others such as Hallelujah Kingdom of Jerusalem Global Foundation suggest it will happen between March 16, 2011 and March 16, 2012. Anyway with all such news flying around the Web it prompted us to find you a very good and informative iOS application and we found one called “The End of The World” By TPS Games.

This app for Apple devices main features include: End of the World video collection, Alerts where you can keep track of global events such as earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, this app also contains theories about the end of the world where you can decide for yourself, plus much more.

For more information please visit iTunes and install this app if the end of world 2011 / 2012 judgement day and predictions is something that interests you.


7 thoughts on “End of the World 2011 App: Judgement Day Predictions”

  1. I am very sad for those who have been following this lie that the rapture will occur on May 21st. Even if they attempt to explain away “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mark 13:32), they cannot explain away that most every Christian, theologian, scholar, and prophet from the first Century until the Nineteenth Century all believed that the church would go through the Great Tribulation and not escape through some secret rapture that would leave the world paralyzed. I pray that they will take a moment and read my book, “Final Warning” because the hour of is His judgment has come. http://www.revelation-truth.org

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    sunshine says:

    No man knows when the world will come to and end they can only predit just like they do the weather, but you can trust and belevie that when that day come we all will know at the same time. just pray that God will have mercy when that day do come, even if the world ends tonight theirs nothing we can do so use your time wisely and turn from your wicked and sinful ways.(God is a forgiving God)!!!__

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    Emily says:

    If the "Christians" who say this would ACTUALLY read their BIBLE, then they'd know that GOD said NO MAN will predict the day of his return.
    " No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. " Matthew 24:36
    ^That's in your Bible, read it.

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    momeed says:

    the world is not going to end at all and there is no god at all,
    live your life and full and just do good things for a good memory for you let others remember you in good ways.

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    maya says:

    Momeed if there;s no God where did you come from? Where are you going on your passing? If dont believe in God why are you talking of doing good things to others. Doing good things is done for love and God is love. He created us for love. Please look up and thing twice and ask God to give you the answer.

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