iPhone 4 Accessories: Retro Wooden Alarm Clock Dock

If you are one of the iOS faithful with an iPhone 4 who is into all things retro there is an accessory for the iPhone 4 that may catch your attention, the wireless iPhone 4 Alarm Clock with a classic design made from beach wood.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, by way of Geek, and Fastcodesign, the wireless wooden alarm clock dock, designed by Jonas Damon allows the user to dock their iPhone but other than that apparently serves no real purpose other than letting you know the time.

If you wish to own a dock for your iOS smartphone that offers a more nostalgic design than other docks sting on your bedside cabinet to wake you in the mornings then perhaps this one suits the bill, but it doesn’t feature any ports for charging the handset or connections to amplify the iPhone 4 speakers.

However the dock does come with an iOS app that will change your iPhone 4 into an analogue clock with flipping numbers to add to that retro style, but other than that it’s basically a lump of wood.

So if you wish to deck your bedroom out with a retro style alarm clock dock for your iPhone 4 then the accessory is up for pre-order at a cost of $39.50 from Areaware.

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