BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator for Women & Men: Android

If you have an Android device and looking for a good BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator for men, women and children then we have a good one for you right here.

This Android App is simply called “ BMI Calculator” even though this app cannot be completely accurate for “athletes” or “muscular persons it is good for children plus adult male and females. This app is simple to use and very informative.

This app will allow you to calculate your BMI and features units in metric (cm – kg)/imperial (lbs – inches), you can even use the menu button for changing these, it comes in different languages such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Croatian and Korean, plus allows you to make a long click on the result’s zone to reset.

For more information on this Android app please visit the Android Market and download for free, you can even visit the developers website here.

If you already have this application installed on your device please do send in your personal reviews. Thanks.

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