Apple iPad 2 Drop Test Video: Will Smart Cover Protect

We’ve already seen the Apple iPad 2 being protected against falling bowling balls, and also see the iOS tablet run over by a car when testing the G-Form Extreme Sleeve, but Apple also makes a cover for the iPad 2, the Smart Cover, but how well does it protect your device?

So rather than have you drop your Apple iPad 2 on the deck to find out we have a video of an Apple iPad 2 drop test with and without the Smart Cover that comes our way courtesy of Online Social Media and by way of YouTube user ElectronicsBreak.

The footage lasts just over the 2-minute mark, and iPad lover’s better have their tissues at the ready if you don’t like seeing an Apple iPad 2 destroyed as the guys in the video drop an iPad 2 with the Smart Cover and an iPad 2 without Smart Cover simultaneously.

Both iOS tablet were dropped from waist height, and then at shoulder height and obviously we advice you not to try this with your own Apple iPad 2, but rather head on down and mash the play button to find out if the Apple Smart Cover can really save your iPad 2 if dropped…enjoy.


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