Live Flight Status Tracker via FlightTrack Pro App

The Iceland volcano ash cloud has caused a few problems with airports leaving a few flights cancelled or delayed, what you need is a brilliant live flight status tracker via an app called FlightTrack Pro.

The app is called “FlightTrack Pro — Live Flight Status Tracker” by Mobiate and is one of the best on the App Store, this iOS application will import flight data automatically from any airline push alerts or any confirmation email alerts with real-time changes to your flight.

This app works with over 1000 travel sites and when it comes to travel smart this part features: Sync with your phone’s calendar, Automatically sync itineraries with TripIt, Add flight notes for seat numbers and confirmation numbers, Supports multitasking on iOS 4 and you can share flight status by email, Facebook or Twitter.

FlightTrack Pro also comes with live flight tracker maps with satellite and weather radar imagery that can be zoomed in and out, you can review weather radar and forecasts, use this app even if you are offline, which is fantastic if you are on an airplane (The maps still work offline), it will also give you airtime/aircraft/speed/altitude.

This app covers real-time status for gates, delays and cancellations, gives you more than 4000 airports worldwide and international flight coverage with 1400 airlines and so much more.

You can buy FlightTrack Pro Live Flight Status Tracker app via iTunes for only £5.99 (US $9.99), we would love to hear from those that already have this installed on their iOS device.

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