Nokia’s First Windows Phone 7 Will Run Mango Update

As you probably know, Microsoft kicked off their Mango event yesterday, and we all know that Nokia has turned to Microsoft Windows Phone for their new devices, and apparently the first Windows Phone 7 device out of Nokia will run the Mango OS update on release.

Just when we may see that first Mango toting smartphone from Nokia hasn’t been announced but according to the guys over on the Boy Genius Report, the device could see launch this fall when the Mango update is released.

Furthermore apparently Microsoft has confirmed that they already have prototype Nokia smartphones in their labs, but didn’t extrapolate any further, so just what the devices are is yet to be seen.

Apparently other new Microsoft Windows Phone partners includes ZTE, Acer, Fujitsu, and Microsoft says the mobile space can expect more Windows Phone devices from LG, HTC and Samsung further down the road.

So are any of our readers jumping aboard the Windows Phone 7 Mango express one the update becomes available, or maybe you are waiting for a Nokia Mango phone?

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