Google Wallet NFC Payment: eBay and PayPal Sue for Theft

You probably know if you are into keeping up with events in the mobile space that the Google guys launched an Android application yesterday during their New York event called Google Wallet, an app that enables mobile payment via Near Field Technology (NFC); However apparently not all are happy with the launch of Google Wallet.

According to an article over on Apple Insider, Google Wallet, which will launch first on the Google Nexus S 4G on the Sprint network, was within hours of its launch sued by eBay for allegedly stealing trade secrets to build the tech.

According to the report on Electronista, the complaint states that Osama Bedier was “poached” from PayPal whilst in negotiation for a deal with the 2 firms. EBay and PayPal said…“At the very point when the companies were negotiating and finalizing the Android-PayPal deal, Bedier was interviewing for a job at Google — without informing PayPal of this conflicting position.”

Furthermore, the complaint states that Stephanie Tilenius, an exec at eBay “breached a consulting contract” by becoming the vice president of commerce for Google a month before the contract expired.

Ah the ins and outs of the legal arena, does anyone think that everyone in the mobile space will one day learn how to get along without the actions of a court to sort things out?

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